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We have a variety of Blockchain Game Platforms for you and MarbleBox, an AirDrob wallet. You want to observe and use our platforms a lot.


CoinsMarble is a game that was reborn as an online network game by combining block chains with Blue Marble, a world-famous board game. We can mine ETH and GMcash through CoinsMarble.


MarbleBox, a Gmarble Wallet, will have a new coin Airdrob each month and 3% GMcash will be paid in interest, depending on the proportion of GMcash you have deposited. MarbleBox will increase your assets.

Gmarble Sports

Gmarble Sports games are a kind of Balance Game that selects only victory and defeat and receives balance dividend. Unlike other sports batting games, anyone can easily enjoy easy interface and easy batting method.

Gmarble 2X Exchage

The Gmarble 2X Exchange game is a kind of Margin Exchange that buys and sells coins at twice the amount of assets. This is not coin withdrawal, but it is possible to withdraw assets. You can lose twice or you can get twice.

Gmarble Casino

The Gmarble casino will be licensed in the Philippines.We will move the live gambling at the casino hotel online. We will also set up guidelines to make it easy to play games.It is scheduled to open in October 2019.

Gmarble Loan Platform

A The Gmarble loan platform is a loan with coins deposited in MarbleBox as collateral. You can withdraw Fiat after leaving your BTC, ETH as collateral. However, if you fall 40% from the market price at the time of the loan, your assets will be automatically liquidated.


About Cryptocurrency Bluemarble "CoinsMarble"

CoinsMarble is a game that was reborn as an online network game by combining block chains with Blue Marble, a world-famous board game.We can mine ETH and GMcash through CoinsMarble. CoinsMarble is basically able to collect tolls from the other party by purchasing the city and building a hotel through the given cache. The toll collected can be converted to ETH or GMcash.By playing this game, coins can be mined.

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Gmarble CryptoFISH Game

The Crypto Fish Games will be released. It is a game that is allocated to the ratio of fish caught for a fixed time as an online multi-fishing game. It is possible to participate in ETH and GMcash with up to 4 people. The beta opening will be held in July as the second game after CoinsMarble. It's a different betting game, a global mobile game with thrills and fun. The Gmarble project is always planning to develop and serve extraordinary betting games. I'd like to ask you a lot.

July Open


Gmarble sports betting

The Gmarble sports betting game is easier and more convenient than the existing sports betting gembling. We bet on the team with the hope of winning the desired team on the desired date.The dividends for Gmarble sports betting games are different from those of existing sports betting. The dividend of the Gmarble sports betting game is dividend to the winning user at a certain rate based on the total amount of the winning and the winning.Our sports betting game will be opened in July.

Comming Soon


Total Supply : 350,000,000 GMcash

1 GMcash = 0.0085 $ (GMcash has lowered its standard value.It gives refunds to existing sales participants as much as the difference.)

GMcash(GmarbleToken) Contract : 0x6050e8e727e1E2eb89aB8496794fd06015eaA0fB

Token Distribution


Use of Tokens Fund


The launch of the Game platform (July 2019)

Gmarble will launch CoinsMarble, starting with the binary option game, and you will soon be able to meet our game with the application.

  • Different devices compatible

    Our platform is built on a mobile-optimized mobile web, and it will also be easily downloaded from the Google Market..

  • Gmarble best security technologies

    With 98% of Coldwallet, you will keep your assets safe and provide faster transmission services than other exchanges.

  • Buy and Sell coin and various game platforms

    It is a total Cryptocurrency platform that allows you to enjoy various games and easily buy and sell coins.



The use of cryptocurrencies has become more widespread, The origin platform idea. Development of the concept and business plan.

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we are proud of our great team. He is one of the most motivated and enthusiastic people we have, and is always ready and willing to help out where needed.


Bang Jong guk

Head Of Developer

Programmer has 18 years of experience and is a blockchain core developer.


Bang Jong guk Head Of Developer


Ted Jeong

Development Director

He has been a program manager for eight years and is in charge of development.



Huh Won ho

Blockchain App Developer

He was in charge of developing blockchain apps for four years.



Denny Han

Market Developer

7yearsexperienceinR&D tasksAndopenmarketand exchange.



Choi Ju hui

Web publisher

Exchange with web publisher We are involved in development



Park Hyun Jin

Community Manager


Alvaro Martin

Blockchain Developer


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